Havening is one of the newest psycho-sensory therapies that works with touch to generate Delta waves in the brain. Delta waves repair and restore normal brain function after the debilitating effects of trauma and severe stress.

During trauma or protracted, severe stress the brain generates a 100 MHz brainwave which in turn causes trauma receptors to glue onto the Amygdala – the fear centre of the brain. The effect of this on our quality of life is profound. When the brain releases the 100 MHz brianwave it knocks the Thalamus (the part of the brain responsible for sorting sensory information) out of action and all sensory input goes straight to the Amygdala. This means that we become instantly triggered when exposed to sensory information that is reminiscent of the original trauma or distress. It feels as if we are living through the original events again, even though we are no longer there.

When we generate enough Delta waves for a long enough period the brain releases an enzyme (calcineurin) that undoes the glue that binds the trauma receptors onto the Amygdala and the trauma receptors retract! Once the trauma receptors have retracted we feel whole and are able to get on with living, really living not just surviving.

For a more comprehensive overview of the science behind Havening, watch this video from Tam Johnson: