Sessions & Workshops

Trauma can either fuel your artistic practice or block it. With our new understanding of the role of energy in releasing trauma you no longer have to be tied to your trauma in order to create and if trauma is inhibiting your work it can be cleared with EFT. If persistent physical habits are holding you back from achieving, EFT can eliminate them.

The gifted and magical child is in all of us and together we can use EFT to access this child.
Creativity not only requires clearing blocks in our own expressive pathways but also requires opening up our capacity for deep listening to others and our environment. Creativity is a dialogue with our environment.

Individual Sessions for Performers include a comprehensive vocal and movement analysis as well as identifying blockages that interrupt breath, impulse, authenticity and presence. You will be introduced to EFT and given exercises and strategies to address your specific needs. Together we will devise a plan for you to continue the work at home or in the studio.

Individual Sessions For Writers & Composers begin with a discussion of the current issues and may include some physical exercises, breath and impulse work and writing exercises. The session focuses on using EFT together to dissolve whatever blockages are hindering your creative progress.

Performers Workshops focus on acting and singing. Some of these workshops also introduce the performer to the basics of energy work. I work with the performer’s body drawing on the somatic methods of Laban Movement Analysis, Feldenkrais and the Alexander Technique to create a supple instrument that accesses the broadest physical pallet. Vocally I draw on the work of Kristen Linklater and Cecily Berry among others, to ground the voice in the body and release it from old habits that formed as a way to cope with distress.

Writing Workshops are informed by over 10 years experience teaching and lecturing in Creative Writing and Script Writing at the University of Melbourne and other universities in Victoria and the work of Tristine Rainer and Julia Cameron.

Energy Workshops focus on training artists to understand and manage their own energy systems for better life and artistic outcomes.

I am passionate about improving the quality of artists’ lives and enhancing their artistic practice. Your work deserves recognition so together let’s free your creativity, enhance your practice and boost your career.